Frictionless Security With One Click Integration And No CI/CD Latency


StackSciences introduces a 360° view of the systems, from code, to clusters, to containers, to images, to layers, to instances, to IP, to URL. Through a single plane it is possible to drill-down from each level. This insights enables Agile and DevOps team members, SRE and SecOps to properly triage any issues.


StackSciences Platform


Cloud native platform for limitless scalability with unlimited number of cloud providers, clusters and containers support.

Scalable to any number of organizations and sub-organizations.



Focused pre-qualified and KBD augmented for efficient triage with upcoming AI powered 1st and 2nd level triage.
Timeline based visibility with bi-directive real-time update.



Transversal single pane overview of cloud security posture of customers.
Process orchestration with 3rd Parties integration.



SaaS and On-site frictionless deployment for immediate professional services and consultancy.

StackSciences Bridges The Gap Between Security And Operations


The shift to public cloud, containers and kubernetes at the digital transformation pace is exacerbating the need for more automation. It also generates security regressions as teams have not only to learn and master these new technologies and environment, but also as CI/CD pipeline are fast pacing the automations.
StackSciences delivers the first end-to-end solutions which integrates into the usual toolchain to orchestrate the security lifecycle for Agile and DevOps teams.



Image Scanner

Analyze and score your images and detect vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations and sensitive data.


Cluster Scanner

Scan your manifest files, analyze your security settings and get a action score for immediate action.

Exposure Scanner

Inventory the URL that you are exposing to public. Discover unexpected ones and protect your applications.


Software Integrations

Interface StackSciences with your favorite collaboration tools and and be alerted immediately if a security event occurs.

Cloud Integrations

Authorize StackSciences to read your clusters configurations in the Cloud and get immediate results.

On-Premise Deployment

Deploy StackSciences as a pod inside your cluster. You are now able to automate your scans when any change is detected.

Actionable Dashboard

The dashboard and to ToDo list are your best tools to analyze in detail each event that StackSciences has prioritized for you.


Compliance Policies

Create your compliance policy and audit your images and clusters against it. Get accurate and actionable audit reports.

Triage and Impact

Security events are scored and triaged continuously. Gain efficiency when you prioritize your next actions.

StackSciences is compatible with the DevOps world