StackSciences Cloud Platform

StackSciences provides the only security Cloud platform that gives you the ability to monitor continuously your software supply chain. Each change in your clusters leads to new risk analysis. You get a global overview and the ability to act before your applications are exposed.

Designed by SecOps for SecOps

StackSciences offers you security-oriented visibility in real-time. Each event in the workflow is analyzed. You are immediately alerted when a container or cluster presents a vulnerability or when you expose resources that should not be (database. vault, weak TLS, etc.

We are convinced that the security of native cloud applications can only be done in a non-intrusive way, without changing the CI/CD but by monitoring each step, in order to bring continuous improvement.


Actionable Security

Watch for any changes in your code and images repositories or in your Kubernetes clusters. Analyze your infrastructures with security engines designed by StackSciences.
Prioritize your next actions, progress and measure their impact, without any intrusion into your digital factory.
Our goal is to give you the means to visualize, act quickly, and reduce your attack surface. For this, we provide both DevOps and security teams a role and actions to take. Immediately.

Infuse Security To Succeed

The security of your apps requires continuous attention from all of your containers and clusters. To be effective, your assessment of the attack surface must be carried out with each change. When the application is deployed it is often too late. StackSciences platform, because it combines the SaaS approach and On Premise is the only solution that allows you to really infuse security throughout your DevOps cycle.

StackSciences Bridges The Gap Between Security And Operations

StackSciences platform gives SecOps an unprecedented advantage in terms of vision and speed. There is no longer any question of intrusive solutions that slow down the integration workflow. StackSciences platform is not intrusive. It allows you to inventory your assets and secure them without compromising the productivity of DevOps.


Image Scanner

Analyze and score your images and detect vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations and sensitive data.


Cluster Scanner

Scan your manifest files, analyze your security settings and get a action score for immediate action.

Exposure Scanner

Inventory the URL that you are exposing to public. Discover unexpected ones and protect your applications.


Software Integrations

Interface StackSciences with your favorite collaboration tools and and be alerted immediately if a security event occurs.

Cloud Integrations

Authorize StackSciences to read your clusters configurations in the Cloud and get immediate results.

On-Premise Deployment

Deploy StackSciences as a pod inside your cluster. You are now able to automate your scans when any change is detected.

Actionable Dashboard

The dashboard and to ToDo list are your best tools to analyze in detail each event that StackSciences has prioritized for you.


Compliance Policies

Create your compliance policy and audit your images and clusters against it. Get accurate and actionable audit reports.

Triage and Impact

Security events are scored and triaged continuously. Gain efficiency when you prioritize your next actions.

StackSciences is compatible with the DevOps world