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Thanks to TrustValleyCH

A big thanks to the #TrustValleyCH for this superb event, and looking forward for the #Tech4Trust roadshow!

Transparent Security Integration

At StackSciences we've just been delivering what Gartner is advising: "integrate security as transparently as possible and automated into the developer's world not the other way around". Check our demo to see how we provide a full end-to-end process to efficiently...

Meet us at the WebSummit 2021

#websummit2021 meet us today at A414 in pavillon 3! And discover how StackSciences enables a new generation of #managedserviceprovider for #kubernetessecurity .

StackSciences at the WebSummit 2021

Meet us tomorrow at the WebSummit 2021 at stand A414 in Pavillion 3.Looking to meet you and show you how StackSciences is transforming managed services world with its cloud-native security services platform. 

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