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About Us

StackSciences was launched by a team of SecOps experts when we had to deal with the complexity of containerized environments. We started by creating a tool to understand better and visualize the different stages of the deployment cycle. It quickly became apparent that this inventory had to be done continuously to follow the constant evolution of the environment. The first version of StackSciences Platform was born out of this need to visualize all interactions to understand them better..

StackSciences is located in the beautiful city of Geneva

Our first UI. Pretty, isn’t it?

Once the components of the infrastructure were exposed, the happy StackSciences team decided that it would be appropriate to submit them for further analysis. No market tool being satisfactory; we chose to code ours! StackSciences‘s inspection engines appeared one after the other: first, the Kubernetes configurations, then inevitably the Docker images. Finally, the analysis of the exposed contents to close the circle and to have a complete approach of security (and to sleep better at night).

Today, after months of hard work, StackSciences Platform is no longer a tool developed for learning. It is a global security platform that we make available to everyone, DevOps, SecOps, and CISOs. We have chosen the SaaS model, the least intrusive possible in your infrastructures. It will allow you to go faster, demystify containerized environments, and unleash their potential.

The current UI of StackSciences Platform

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We are now concentrating our efforts on enriching the platform in terms of security functionalities but also analysis and reporting tools so that you can make the right decisions as quickly as possible.

StackSciences Platform is no longer our tool; it is the platform that allows MSSPs and companies around the world to accelerate their Kubernetes deployment with confidence. We are proud of the progress we have made together and look forward to going further with you.

– The StackSciences Team

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