Infuse Security Into Your #DevOps

StackSciences provides the only Cloud platform that tracks and secures your code and images repositories and your Kubernetes clusters from build to production

Security by StackSciences

StackSciences has designed a SaaS platform to centralize your Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters risk analysis, policy compliance and runtime enforcement events. On a single view, you can measure your attack surface, view what you expose and prioritize your next actions to make your multi-cloud infrastructure more secure.


Continuous Discovery

Your infrastructures are changing every minute you need to monitor them and track any change in your containers or clusters.

Container Security

Analyze each container for vulnerabilities and malware with high-end scanner. Get detailed reports. Identify immediate actions to take.

Clusters Security

Detect any change in your clusters and discover exploitable breaches through misconfiguration. Get an immediate action score to prioritize the remediation

Application Security

Audit every deployed application. Evaluate your cryptographic environment and reduce the information that you are exposing to the public.

Why StackSciences?

Discover what makes StackSciences unique on the market.

Always Be Up to Date

Monitor all events in your workflow and assess your security in real time. Without being intrusive, our platform detects all the changes in your containers and clusters so that nothing escapes you. Whatever the complexity of your infrastructure, your protection is always up to date.

Address Security as a Whole

Measure the security of your exposed containers, clusters and applications. Our platform gives you visibility across your entire workflow. Don’t just scan containers. Watch their orchestration and the information you expose. Take a comprehensive approach to security with StackSciences.

Measure Your Progress Right Away

Monitor your Cloud or On Premise resources in an instant. StackSciences gives you a complete view of your infrastructures and the prioritized list of actions to be implemented. Share actions and knowledge with DevOps and measure your common progress. 

Managing Your Security Doesn’t Have to Be Complex.

Our platform has been designed by SecOps for SecOps. Whatever the deployment method, On Premise or Cloud, StackSciences gives immediate results to DevSecOps as well as to security auditors.

StackSciences is compatible with the DevOps world