Security Experts for European Clouds

As the leading provider of cloud security services for European Cloud Service Providers, we help you secure your Cloud infrastructure
(OVH Cloud, Scaleway, Exoscale, Hidora, etc)



A comprehensive set of services to assist you at every stage of your cybersecurity journey to the Cloud


Our cybersecurity consulting services help businesses securely migrate to the Cloud. We provide tailored solutions and expert guidance on the shared responsibility model, cloud security best practices, and securing virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes.


Our unique CSPM platform offers comprehensive shift-left and DevOps-oriented cloud security and compliance management for European CSPs.


Our MSS solution monitors your cloud security posture, quickly identifies issues, and creates security tickets for your development teams to fix as part of their sprints or other activities. Our expert team provides triage and ongoing support to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant with industry standards.


Consulting Services

Secure your cloud infrastructure with expert cloud security consulting services tailored to your business needs and regulatory requirements.

Security Architecture

How to design an architecture, define a release strategy and methodology such as to mitigate the probability of security issues in production?

Shift-Left Strategy

How to ”shift-left” pragmatically to implement, over-time, step-by-step, a risk mitigation strategy that is aligned with the risk appetite of the organisation?

DevSecOps Processes

How to pragmatically integrate security, SecOps, into your Cloud processes and CI/CD automation chain such to transform the "Shift-Left" into an effective security routine?

Monitoring & Posture

How to measure, monitor and govern the software engineering, SDLC, DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps, SRE processes that are essential to the security of your Cloud journey?

Managed Security Services

StackSciences provides, affordable and efficient, Managed Security Services to assist you in maintaining a sound Cloud Security Posture.


Our unique MSSP platform is the only one to supports all the major European, Swiss and US Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).


Continuous discovery of the assets in your various Cloud tenants.


Detection of misconfigurations, non-compliance and vulnerabilities (leveraging CSPs security tools).


Aggregating issues along multiple axis to compute a security score and facilitate triage.


Triage of issues and push into product backlog for engineering, DevOps, SRE resolution.

Cloud Security Posture Management Solution

Our unique CSPM solution has been designed for the Cloud era by Developers for DevSecOps, and to ensure that European CSPs have a proper solution to offer to their customers.


Gain visibility into your cloud security posture with our CSPM solution, tracking the inventory and identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities before they become a problem.


Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards with our CSPM solution, providing automated compliance checks and remediation to ensure your cloud infrastructure meets regulatory requirements.


Automate your cloud security and compliance management with our CSPM solution, streamlining operations and powering your DevSecOps.

Frequently asked question

We are the sole CSPM to support the European and Swiss CSPs:
Yes, it can be deployed in your Cloud tenant or fully on-premises.
Yes, just contact-us and we'll provide you an access.
We offer affordable monitoring, starting at CHF 20k per year, or CHF 5k per quarter. We achieve this thanks to our unique platform but also by allowing our customers to select the frequency of the scans (i.e. quaterly, monthly, weekly, daily), and then select a package of issues (i.e. 1000, 500, 250, 100) that will be processed. The number of issues is key as it needs to match the capability of your organisation to remediate them (i.e. the security velocity). The number of issues is both an indication of the complexity of your cloud instances as well as an metrics of the effectiveness of your shift left, DevSecOps processes.
Velocity is the metric used by agile software teams to measure its effectiveness at predicting the time it will take to complete a task. Basically velocity is the average number of "story points" or "hours of development" the team completes in the average sprint. The security velocity is a sub-component of the velocity, it's about measuring the capability of the software team, inclusive of DevOps and SRE, to remediate security issues over a period of time - i.e. a sprint. The security velocity is important to measure to ensure the flow of security issues pushed to remediation are aligned with the team capabilities, otherwise security issues will pile-up into the product backlog up to a point where they will just be discarded.